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9pm in my tent Tariat, thinking about what has happened the last 7 days, and I am not even sure it is seven days!

We had a really good run in today and arrived at 4 pm, there are still some cars arriving after the hardest day so far. Had a few drinks early supper and a general chat with everyone. The worst is trying to remember all the things we have done so far and we are only 7 days into our trip. Tatriat, Karakorhan, Ulaan Bataar, Sainshand, Erenhot, Diahai, Beijing. Yes, that's seven, it's even difficult to remember all the names.

DAY 1: Let's start in Beijing again. The day before at 4pm we weren't even sure that we could start the next morning. That desperate feeling when you have to leave the following morning and the car is not running properly.

Fighting Beijing traffic to the Great Wall for the start and then having an immediate route reschedule because we left late and then spending a lot of the time doing calculations to figure out where we actually were! An interesting drive to Diahai.Daihai must be a resort Hotel with a lovely setting at the Lake.

DAY 2: Next Morning up early to Erenhot, quite a few high speed runs on open roads, and our car just loves them and just chews them up. Lunch at ..(who knows ...I will have to look at the road book). Afternoon into Eremnhot where the dinosaurs are at the entrance.

DAY 3: Next morning, rush to through the border where a Chinese guy decides I am not the same guy as in the passport photo and I have to explain that I have lost some weight since then.

After the Border the time trials start. We really drive hard and are being thrown around in the car because the roads are so bad. We have fuel problems that started the day before, just after we had filled up before Erenhot. The fuel is literally boiling the line. Then the fuel hose is cut off because it is rubbing on the bonnet. We finally get to Sainshand with enough light to put up our tents. There are great facilities here and we are being fed well ... too much in fact.

DAY 5: Up nice and early for a good start, but disaster strikes as we lose our front brake lever in the second time trial and Peter and I have a difference in opinion as to just how fast we should be driving, and this is while we come into Ulaan Bataar with bad brakes.

The next morning we give the car a once over and we feel really bad because everyone has been working on THEIR CARS EVERY EVENING. We find out that our starter has arrived and will be collected at customs, so we can go out on the town, to see our Mongolian contortionist!!

DAY 6: We leave Ulaan Bataar for Karakorhan , traffic and tar road out of town.And tar road most of the way, lovely setting in the evening to spend the time in Yurts.